Personal tax filing

1) Covid-19
(updated Apr. 2, 2020)

CERB will be active on Apr. 6, Applications open April 6 for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and affected Canadians are being encouraged to submit based on the month they were born in. That means people born in January, February and March should apply on Mondays starting April 6; those born in April, May and June should apply on Tuesdays starting April 7; people born in July, August or September should apply on Wednesdays starting April 8; and those born in October, November and December should apply on Thursdays starting April 9. All affected Canadians are encouraged to apply on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Please see the link below: If anybody has already applied for EI, he/she can not apply for CERB, and he/she has to declare monthly that is unemployed.

Government introduces Canada Emergency Response Benefit to help workers and businesses

The Government of Canada is taking strong, immediate and effective action to protect Canadians and the economy from the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic. No Canadian should have to choose between protecting their health, putting food on the table, paying for their medication or caring for a family member. you can follow the link below to see the benefit.

The government is working to get money into the pockets of Canadians as quickly as possible. The portal for accessing the CERB would be available in early April.

We will let all, when the portal is available.
2) Electronically t 183 form signature approved for 2019

In order to reduce the necessity for taxpayers and tax preparers to meet in person during this difficult time, and to reduce administrative burden, effective immediately the Canada Revenue Agency will recognize electronic signatures as having met the signature requirements of the Income Tax Act, as a temporary administrative measure. This provision applies to authorization forms T 183 or T 183 CORP, which are forms that are signed in person by millions of Canadians every year to authorize tax preparers to file taxes.

Maxpro Financials welcome Individual tax payers to email us the documents to us to file their tax returns, and we accept the t 183 forms electronically signed and emailed.
3) Tax return due time changed

OTTAWA — Canadians will have one extra month to file their taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency, the National Post has learned.

The announcement will be made tomorrow by federal ministers as part of a larger series of financial measures to assist Canadian individuals and governments through the COVID-19 pandemic.

So instead of an April 30 filing deadline for the 2020 tax filing season, Canadians will have until June 1 to submit their income tax return to CRA. The deadline to pay off any outstanding balances interest-free will also be extended, this time to July 31.

Businesses will also have more time to pay their taxes without paying any interest or penalties. The new deadline will be July 31 to pay any corporate taxes or make any scheduled installment payments that would otherwise be due starting Wednesday.
4) Personal filing Tax Season started

Maxpro Financials, welcoming you filing your personal tax return.

Prepare your T statements (T4, T5, T3) your other income and expenses (Rental property, personal business, Med expenses, Child Care expenses, employment expenses, Tuition fee, other expenses) RRSP contribution
5) preparing your contracts with us

You can ask us for your current contracts (including employment contract, business purchase, selling your business, . . .)
6) Be safe at home

Take a rest at home and let us do your tax filing. To minimize the Corona Virus Risk, please let us know what do you need. Send us your T slips and other documents by email, get your tax return done.

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