Disability Tax Credit 2020

Disability tax credit amount for 2020 is $8,576 as non-refundable credit ($8,416 in 2019), with a supplement up to $5,003 for those under 18 (the amount is reduced if child care expenses are claimed; $4,909 in 2019 All individuals who has such disabilities or has a family member with it, can get the form 2201 (link below) signed by their …

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CEBA Loan Update

1) Top-up amount ($20 K) application will be available today (Dec. 4, 2020) or on Monday (Dec. 7, 2020)2) the deadline is extended up to Mar. 31, 2020, for bot Top-up and the original amount. please follow the chart and learn about the process

CPP Changes in 2021

According to the CRA announcement yesterday, the maximum pensionable earnings under (CPP) for 2021 will be $61,600. The employee and employer contribution rates for 2021 will be 5.45%—up from 5.25% in 2020The maximum employer and employee contribution to the plan for 2021 will be $3,166.45 each and the maximum self-employed contribution will be $6,332.90. The …

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Personal Tax deferring

The CRA is further extending the payment due date for 2019 individual tax returns and 2019 or 2020 corporation, or trust returns, as well as for installment payments, from September 1, 2020, to September 30, 2020.

Personal tax filing

1) Covid-19(updated Apr. 2, 2020) CERB will be active on Apr. 6, Applications open April 6 for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and affected Canadians are being encouraged to submit based on the month they were born in. That means people born in January, February and March should apply on Mondays starting April 6; …

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