With over 20 years of Canadian and International extensive experience accompanied with related knowledge and education background, we are providing a wide range of Tax, Accounting, and Financial services to our clients. This means our work quality and staff professionalism will make you trust us and builds our brand
Our strategy is based on Customer Intimacy, which means we customize our services to the clients’ needs and will help aligning their activity to the mission of the company

Announcement for new team members,

Dear Canadians, Due to COVID 19, all of us, whether personal or business, experienced harsh times. But finally, we are getting passed through of it, and hopefully, everything will go back to normal, even much more exciting than in the past. Now Maxpro Financials is delighted to inform you that recently it has equipped its team with experts who are pleased to offer you decades of their knowledge and expertise.

Maxpro Financial is proud to announce that addition to other services provided over the past years, including bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and comprehensive consulting, now offering new services. The exciting service is that Maxpro Financials can serve all businesses required to have CPA verification, confirmation, certification, corroboration, authentication, or substantiation of financial statements & information. Not only may all clients need our new service, but this can also be so helpful for a variety of immigration purposes that may apply to their valuable clients.

Our Team

Alex (Naser)


Ben (Bahram)








About Alex

Co-founder and team-oriented leader with deep Financial and Tax experience for over two decades. Process-driven with extensive experience in management, setting up businesses, writing business plans and financing (accomplished over $2 billion for petrochemical complexes & around $10 million for small businesses, devising financial plan, evaluating businesses for potential investors as well as tax planning for all corporations and individuals. The more complex tax issues, the more efficient the solution, will be proposed by Alex (Naser) Mohassesi. Having completed master’s degree in management and DBA candidate, Alex is the author of two ISI papers in strategy (2014) and finance (2018).

“My passion is starting, planning and managing entities as I believe we have to live in future, not today. Change management (nonstop learning) is the key factor for all (individual and corporations). Understanding future needs will lead to the best strategy.”

Ben (Bahram)

Being a Forward-thinking leader with a unique ability to implement continuous improvement initiatives to meet aggressive deadlines as well as financial data analysis to aid in business planning, Ben enjoys his extensive professional experience as a manager working for many successful multinational companies such as KPMG, Atlas Copco, Sodexo, and Stellantis. He is a highly dedicated, and result oriented Chartered Professional Accountant with extensive experience in Auditing, financial analysis, controlling, budgeting, and financial planning along with strong quantitative and analytical skills.


Experienced Financial Controller with a demonstrated history of working in the Investment, Construction, and Manufacturing industries for more than one decade. Skilled in Budgeting, Accounting, Analytical Reporting, Generating Financial Statements, and Tax Filing (including the personal, corporation, and GST filing). A Knowledgeable Ph.D. Business Strategist from the University of Tehran and a former researcher at the University of Calgary who loves to deal with complicated and challenging issues. She is interested in bridge between academic theories and operational experience.


He has the background of working in different industries for 15 years as a result of which he can handle almost every financial task especially reporting consolidated financial statements and calculating GST in pro-finance companies.

Solving complicated cases, meeting deadlines, and building effective relationships with customers are key factors to him.

You are in a hurry and under the pressure of assessing your accounts quickly, he is the one who can help.


Having almost a decade of experience working in financial organizations, she knows well how to handle/cope with financial issues in different companies.

She is known for her perseverance, honesty, loyalty, and her detail-oriented approach towards financial and accounting tasks as well as her ability to connect to clients efficiently.

Paying attention to details while having a complete overview of the circumstances of companies really matters to her.


We see the big picture!

We get the information of your business (in person or online), analyze, provide a full range of services alongside with the pathway, and then We agree on which service you pick, pricing, and timeline

We know Cash flow is the King!

We believe your cash availability is the key to open new door to your business, Therefore, you receive multiple advice to manage your cash flow. You run the business, we run the numbers

You will experience a different communication style in a very short response period as we believe that “Time” is crucial in businesses. We respond to your inquiries even at the weekends. We prepare every kind of professional services, mentioned above. The most recent professional services published: Business setup and related consulting services. Business owners can ask for any financial services, we do our best to meet your requirements.



"Max Call" is a very unique and complementary service for our valued customers, which identifies Anomalies, Deviations, and any other type of financial alert that is critical to business and provide essential advice/feedback that helps our clients keep their businesses in track and add value to their assets


Our professional staff will monitor all accounting movements and send notification at the right time, identifying financials alerts which matter to the business of our clients. This includes, but not limited to deviation to your budget, any unnecessary expenses, anomalies in your ratios and trend analysis and so on, accompanied with the suggested solution to solve the potential issues


This special service will help our clients to reach their goals and maximize our clients returns

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